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Answers to all your doubts about Compass
How can I install Compass?
Just click here and you’ll be redirected to the Compass chrome extension. Android iOS apps coming soon 👀
Can I import my existing wallet on Compass?
Yes you can. Just select ‘Import existing wallet’ during the onboarding, enter your wallet seed phrase, and you can start using your existing wallet with Compass.
Can I use a hardware wallet with Compass?
We currently support Ledger Wallet on our extension. You can safely pair your Ledger, connect it, and use it with Compass.
Is Compass Wallet safe?
We place great emphasis on safety security of your assets. Compass Wallet is non custodial, and we never have access to your keys.
How do I keep my wallet secure?
Well, that is a tough one. Web3 is full of malicious actors who are always on the hunt for wallets & users to hack. Still, you can definitely do a few things to keep yourself safe.

1. Safeguard your seed phrase: Never share it with anyone and store it in a secure place inaccessible to others. Consider offline options like a hardware Ledger wallet for added protection.

2. Stay wary of phishing attempts: Watch out for shady websites, phishing emails, or suspicious links aiming to trick you into revealing sensitive wallet information. Verify the authenticity of websites before interacting with them

3. Verify transactions before approving: Take a moment to review and confirm transaction details within Compass Wallet, when interacting with dapps.
What happens if I lose my password?
Your password serves as an essential security measure to protect your wallet. While losing your password can be inconvenient, it's not a cause for panic. You can still regain access to your wallet by importing it again using the seed phrase.
What happens if I lose my seed phrase?
Whoops. The seed phrase is the one thing you cannot lose. It is the only way you can access your wallet, and everything inside. Keep it safe, and do not ever lose it.
Why should I use Compass Wallet for SEI Network?
With Compass Wallet, you get a ton of features that elevate the SEI Network experience to a whole new level In wallet staking governance, a kickass NFT gallery, information rich activity history, neat detailed portfolio overview.All this, and so much more. The proof really is in the pudding 😉
Which tokens does Compass support?
Compass supports most of the tokens on the SEI Network. You can also add custom tokens in your Compass wallet.
Can I access dApps on SEI Network?
Ofcourse! With Compass chrome extension, you can permissionlessly access any dApp on the SEI Network.